Terms and Conditions


These General Conditions of Sale (or "GTC) constitute the sales contract concluded between the Customer and Advance Paris (as defined below). The terms and conditions described therein constitute the terms and conditions of the sale, except in special cases expressly notified as such. 

The CGsV applicable are those present on the Advance Paris website on the day of the purchase of an Advance Paris Product (as defined below). These T&Cs may be modified at any time by Advance Paris without it being necessary to notify the Client. It is the Customer's responsibility to read and inform themselves of these T&Cs when making any purchase on the Advance Paris site. By purchasing a Product, the Customer acknowledges and admits having read these T&Cs and accepting them without reservation. 


1 Definitions.

In these T&Cs, the terms below will have the definition given below. The terms defined below include the singular or the plural depending on whether they are respectively defined in the plural or the singular.  


« service "," you "," your »: Natural person purchasing Products sold by Advance Paris.

« Consumer “: Person purchasing Products for their private, personal and non-commercial use.

« Advance Paris “: The seller of the Product, as identified on your invoice and, where applicable, the Service Provider.

« Advance Paris products “: Electronic hardware products bearing the Advance Paris or Advance Acoustic brand purchased on this Website. 

« Integrated Materials »: Third Party Products and/or products specified and/or supplied by the Customer.

« Pro forma "," Quote "," Proforma after-sales service "," SA quote »: Price or service offer sent by Advance Paris

« Order confirmation »: Acknowledgment of receipt of your order sent by Advance Paris (if applicable)

« Good de Shipping »: Document accompanying the delivery and describing the references and quantities delivered.

« Invoice » : Finalization of the deed of sale.

« Price » : Sale price indicated on the product pages of the Advance Paris website.

« Product » : Well described in the commercial documents. May include Advance Acoustic Products, Third Party Products and/or a Service Offering.

« Providers »: Service providers approved by Advance Paris.

« Third Party Products »: all products not marked Advance Acoustic or Advance Paris.

« Software »: operating software and/or application software and/or update software

« Services »: services or technical support provided by Advance Paris Sarl or the Service Provider.


2 Scope.

This contract applies to sales and services offered by Advance Paris for the benefit of a Customer without time or geographic limits.


3 Estimate, Proforma, After Sales Estimate, After Sales Proforma and Orders .

Only written Estimates, Proforma, After-Sales Estimates, Proforma After-Sales Services and orders are valid and only for the duration indicated therein. In the absence of an indication of the period of validity, the period is 10 days. 


Mediafixer orders can be placed on the Internet via this website, by telephone, mail or fax. Due to our wagering policy continuously updated by Advance Paris, the Products may be modified without prior notice, but Advance Paris assures you of at least equivalent functionality and performance.


4 Prices and terms of payment.

The Prices of the Products and Service Offer, the related taxes, shipping, insurance and installation costs are

 indicated on the Estimate, Proforma, After-sales estimate, Proforma after-sales service and/or documents such as quotes, proformas, aftersales quotes, aftersales proformas, order confirmations and

 invoice. Variations in exchange rates, customs fees, insurance, transport and purchase costs of

 components and Services may cause Advance Paris to adjust the Pprices accordingly. 


Le Payment of invoices is made when ordering or, if we accept it, by Advance Paris and by derogation, within 30 days of the invoice date.


Le compliance with payment deadlines is an essential condition of the Contract. Advance Paris may suspend the deliveries or Services until full payment of the price of the order in question. 


If you pay lateIn the event of late payment, the collection costs will be borne by you and the Customer and you will owe us late penalties on the amount due payable by Advance Paris and payable by the Customer on the amount due will be calculated on the ten times the legal interest rate. Payments by PayPal and/or payment or credit cards are accepted subject to final collection.


5 Delivery-Ownership-Risks.

Ownership of the Products remains with Advance Paris until full payment of the Price and is transferred to the Client once full payment of the Price has been made. Until then, it is the Client's responsibility to insure the Products without modifying them or pledging them and Advance Paris may request their return. 

If the Customer refuses delivery without Advance Paris' consent, the Customer shall pay the resulting costs and losses suffered by Advance Paris, including storage costs until the Customer accepts the delivery. The transfer of risks related to the Product takes place upon delivery of the Product.  Any missing or damaged package must be mentioned on the delivery note and before signing it.


6 Acceptance.

The Customer must inspect and check the packages as well as the condition of the Products upon delivery and indicate to the carrier any justified reservations, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within fourteen working days after delivery. 


If the Products delivered do not conform in kind or in quantity to the description of the Delivery Note, the Customer must send Advance Paris, in writing, any complaints within four (4) days following the day of delivery to the following address: 

Advance Paris

13 Gallic Rooster Street

77170 Brie-Comte-Robert

If the return of the Product is accepted by Advance Paris, the Customer must put it back in its original packaging, including the return form provided, write the return number clearly visible on an overpack and attach proof of purchase. Return costs will be borne by the Customer.


7 Warranty.

The Products benefit from a 24-month warranty, excluding wearing parts, for electronic products and equipment, 60 months for passive loudspeakers and 90 days for spare parts, after the date of delivery. 

In the event of a defect during the aforementioned warranty period, Advance Paris undertakes to repair or replace the Product within a reasonable time given the complexity of the problem, the availability documents and information communicated by the Client. 

Advance Paris manufactures the Products using new or equivalent components, in accordance with industrial practices. Replacement parts are new or reconditioned. The Advance Paris guarantee is given in lieu of any other guarantee whatsoever, and this to the fullest extent authorized by law.  Advance Paris may revise the warranty terms from time to time. These changes do not apply to Products ordered before the change date. All parts essential to the use of the Products delivered will be available to Consumers for three years from their delivery.

This warranty does not cover: 

  1. damage caused by improper installation or use as well as
  2.  modifications or repairs made by a third party not authorized by Advance Paris or by yourself, 
  3. damage due to a cause
  4.  external, 
  5. the use of the Product for any particular use different from its original intention, 
  6. Third-Party Products, Software and Embedded Hardware

These exclusions do not preclude the guarantee against hidden defects provided for in articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code when the Product is sold to a Consumer.


8 After-sales service.

After-sales Services may be provided by Advance Paris or its Service Providers. Response times are estimates. 

9 Liability.

Excluding the gross negligence of Advance Paris and compensation for bodily injury, the liability d'Advance Paris is limited, all causes combined, to a sum which, in the absence of a different stipulation in the contract, is capped at fifty percent excluding tax (50% excluding VAT) of the sums collected for the supply of the Products or of the Services on the day of the complaint. 


Only the damage caused to the defective Product will be eligible for compensation, on the condition that the action for liability is brought during the warranty period as defined in article 7 and excluding the damage caused to the other goods of the Customer and third parties. The Client waives both in his own name and in the name of his insurers any recourse against Advance Paris and its insurers. the Customer guarantees Advance Paris against any claim that may be made in this respect by third parties. the Customer guarantees the waiver of recourse by his insurers or third parties in a contractual situation with him, against Advance Paris or his insurers.


10 Force Majeure.

Advance Paris cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery or execution of the Services caused by events beyond our control and will have an additional period in the event of strikes, for example, terrorist acts, wars, problems affecting its suppliers, transport or its production, fluctuations exchange rates, acts of public authorities, natural disasters. If such a situation lasts more than 2 months, the contract may be terminated by either Party, without compensation.


11 Confidentiality.

Each of the parties must treat the confidential information received from the other with the strictest confidentiality, that is to say at least equal to the treatment it reserves for its own confidential information. Constitute confidential information the information, data, on any medium and of any nature, identified as such or of which there would be no doubt of their confidential characteristic. 

12 Consumer Rights.

This contract does not alter the mandatory statutory rights granted to Consumers. If one of the stipulations of these GCS is deemed illegal, invalid or void, it must be replaced by a legal and valid stipulation that best respects the spirit of the first.


13 Disputes.

This contract is subject to French law and to the sole jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Paris, if the Customer is a merchant. The Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is not applicable to this contract.