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Our amplifiers

Classic amplifiers, connected amplifiers with Bluetooth,
Wi-Fi / Ethernet-connected amplifiers, you'll find everything you need to make your speakers sing.

Integrated amplifier

Connected amplifier


Our Pre-amps

An essential component of any audiophile configuration, the preamp
is used to group all your sources and control volume.


Our power amplifiers

Mono or stereo block, the quintessence of amplification.

Mono power amplifier

Stereo power amplifier

Our speakers

Passive loudspeakers for connection to an amplifier, powered loudspeakers
(a cable connects the speakers) or active speakers (no cable between the speakers).

Amplified Speakers

Active Speakers

Passive speakers

Our network and Bluetooth receivers

Perfect for adding "connected" to your amplifier that has neither Bluetooth nor a network connection.

Bluetooth receiver

Network drive

Bluetooth transmitter

Our CD players

Your CD collection doesn't have to go to waste. A range of CD players
from high-performance turntables to high-end analog tube outputs.

CD player

Transport CD

Universal Source

Our cables

To connect your sources, pre-amps, amps, speakers...