From Phono to HDMI, from CD to Wireless, the MyConnect range offers you products with many features in a single box.

The MyConnect range

Are you looking for a powerful product with many features that won't take up much space in your living room?</p>
<p>The MyConnect range is an 'All-In-One' solution with the MyConnect 60 (small footprint, 33 cm wide) and the MyConnect 150 and MyConnect 250 (standard footprint of 43 cm).</p>
<p>The MyConnect 150 and 250 are true audiophile products because of their components and the attention paid to the internal architecture of the products.</p>
<p>The MyConnect 250 is equipped with 2 toroidal transformers for its amplification part. One transformer per channel for an 'All-in-One', the guarantee to buy a unique and performing product!


Amplifier - CD Player - FM/DAB Radio


Numerous analog and digital audio inputs


Wireless connectivity<br>
Bluetooth / Wi-Fi


Class A/B amplifier<br>
Toroidal transformer

The products of the range