About us

At Advance Paris, we create audio experiences that transcend the ordinary, a harmonious blend of technology and art.

Born in 1995 out of the dreams and passions of audiophiles, Advance Paris has always pushed the boundaries of high-fidelity audio. From the outset, our aim has been to deliver uncompromising sound quality at affordable prices, and our journey has been marked by innovation and dedication to the art of musical reproduction. Our amplifiers, CD players, preamplifiers, speakers and more are not just products; they are chapters in a sonic odyssey. With a touch of elegance, they offer soul-stirring music and innovations that continue to redefine the listening experience.

With 25 years' experience in its home market, Advance Paris started out as Advance Acoustic in 1995 with a range of five loudspeakers developed in France. After expanding its speaker range, Advance Acoustic began working on electronic products in 2002, launching its first integrated amplifier in 2004. This integrated amplifier laid the aesthetic and technological foundations for Advance Paris products as we find them today. Vu-meters, tubes and massive amplifiers are still part of the brand's DNA. The first product under the Advance Paris brand was launched in 2013.

Advance Paris went international in 2005 and now sells its products in over 40 countries, bringing a French touch to listening rooms around the world.

Advance Paris is more than a brand, we're the guardians of musical dreams. With every product we create, we promise to deliver a symphony of emotions, a cascade of harmonies and a bridge to the world of music. We make audiophiles' dreams come true. Whether you're an experienced audiophile or just embarking on a sonic adventure, Advance Paris invites you to become part of its world. Discover the magic of music, explore the realm of sound and let our creations inspire your own musical journey.